Self-Seal Poly Bubble Mailer #0 (6.25" x 9" useable) - Bundle of 25

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6.5x10" Poly Mailers

Our self-seal poly bubble mailers are made from 100% polyethylene (completely recyclable) with a white outer surface (ideal for high-quality printing) this is not just your ordinary mailer; they're your go-to for secure, lightweight, and cost-effective shipping. Your products deserve the best, and our poly mailers are here to deliver.

Why Our Poly Mailers Rock:

  • 100% Awesome: Crafted entirely from polyethylene, makes them robust and recyclable.
  • Eco-Friendly: Join the green revolution with these fully recyclable wonders.
  • Slide Right In: Their high-slip lining means packing is a breeze.
  • Seal the Deal: Tamper-evident closure keeps your items secure.
  • Bubble Power: Cushioning bubble lining ensures your goods travel safely.
  • Strong and Stylish: Tougher than kraft, with a clean, crisp white look for that professional touch.
  • Ready for Your Brand: Perfect for your custom labels or ads.

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